Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 12-25-16

Now that the gift-opening dust has settled, I’ll grab a few minutes to post these photos I took yesterday.

252 N. Bayview Street

Outside, there are several new railings. On the balcony…

…the front entrance…

…and the side entrance.

Inside, carpenters had been working on a mantelpiece (or at least the beginnings of one).

Downstairs, sanding and staining of the floors in all three bedrooms has been completed.

Upstairs, it appears that there have been some more second thoughts, resulting in opening and closing another wall in the master bath…

…and disturbing the installation of the tub.

Here’s a view of the balcony railing from the master bedroom.

In the kitchen, further evidence of attempts to choose tile for a backsplash.

These are the unusual cabinet knobs in the kitchen.

As I was leaving, I saw that there were lights on in the basement, so I went down to investigate. The plastic drop cloths have been removed, revealing a stunning assortment of “stuff,” which I present without comment. (A dehumidifier was running for all it was worth, but there was still a musty smell.)

The paper in the sheet protector in the photo above is labeled “Storm Panel Diagram,” suggesting that the rolled panels above are the “storm panels.”

352 N. Summit Street

Outside, the most noticeable change is the brickwork on the foundation.

Although painting of the garage is still incomplete, the painted side is being bricked.

Inside, the most noticeable change downstairs is installation of molding at the top of some of the shiplap wainscoting.

These bundles of wiring in the “den” suggest that it will be a media/computer room.

Upstairs, shelves have been installed in the closets. The closet in the front bedroom, which was not in the original plans, is barely coathanger depth.

The closet in the center bedroom uses salvaged doors and has cubbies inside.

351 N. Summit Street

At last, grass has been planted in the parking space, making it much easier to walk on.

The two bare trees that were behind this wall have been moved to the driveway. Time will reveal their ultimate location.

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