Bluff Neighborhood Construction Report 8-21-16

Today we say goodbye to one of our houses, but there are still three under consideration (and all of them actually in the Bluff Neighborhood).

252 N. Bayview Street

Last week I wrote that siding had been applied to the upstairs front of the house. Later it occurred to me to wonder whether the siding had been more extensive than that. Because I’ve been primarily focused on the interior, and also because thick vegetation and the proximity of neighboring houses make it difficult to actually see the sides of the house, I just hadn’t thought to look, but today I did, and, sure enough, there are clapboards on both north and south sides of the house (and quite possibly in the back as well, though even this time I didn’t think to check on that). I am assuming that the brick veneer will be extended to cover the rest of the first floor.

Just as a reminder, here’s what the house currently looks like from the street.

Inside, things are definitely shaping up. With the installation of drywall, we can get a better feel for the layout of the front rooms—living room, dining area, and kitchen.

In the northeast back bedroom, a closet has been created.

The southeast back bedroom has plenty of natural light with windows in two walls, but, with four doors (hall, bath, and two closets) in the other two walls, it will be a challenge to decide where to put a bed, so perhaps this will be a sitting room instead.

At the top of the stairs, a big surprise: the formerly windowless room designated as attic storage has now acquired windows (obviously the destination of that mystery window unit noted last week).

In the master bedroom, the bed might go between these two windows. The corridor to the closets and bath is at right.

The alcove at right (just inside the French doors opening onto the screened porch) will probably contain some kind of built-in unit. The door farther along the wall leads to the upstairs sitting room, and the short corridor in the background leads to the closets and bath.

The master bath also takes on definition, shown in photos taken from the hall door and from the shower area (which is to the right of the tub).

352 N. Summit Street

The foundation has been filled with dirt in preparation for pouring a slab.

351 N. Summit Street

No progress on paving, but, as expected, another portico has been added.

These hollow bricks are new, their purpose yet to be seen.

160 Fels Avenue

On Monday, there were two PODS containers on the lawn, and later in the week there was further move-in activity, so we can assume the family is now settled (just in time for the first day of school tomorrow). A farewell view of the finished house.

Even though the sod damage has not been repaired.

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